Gravity Zero

Coding and Creating.

We Must Honor The Code();

At the heart of everything, lies the most fierce and gruesome code. This cosmic ground thats scared the faint of heart for years, more than Cap't Jack Sparrows band of rum guzzling pirates, is the space in which we revel. If you want to build something that is truly functional and changes the way people interact with the outside world, you will need to fire up the old think noggin, throw on a pot of joe, sit down, and write some code.

Whether it be websites, mobile apps, software applications, or a command line number guessing game, it all stems from the underlining magic that makes it function(); We have long been tied up in the labyrinth of usability and functionality. The ongoing battle of creating a clean, user friendly solution is our greatest feat. Just like an enemy that will never be slain, we would be lost without it.

This is where we give a shout out to some of our closest friends... "HTML5, CSS, php, javascript, MySQL, C, Objective C, ajax, JSON, REST, SOAP, cURL, jQuery, Python, Ruby, Perl, Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, Blender, and Xcode to name a few."

Beauty Moves Us.

Scan studies of the brain have revealed that the sight of an attractive product can trigger the part of the motor cerebellum that governs hand movement. We actually reach out for attractive things. Beauty literally moves us.

The colossal counterpart of functionality comes user interface design. What gives us that little jolt of excitement when we launch our favorite app? Is it the sleek, slender design of the perfectly blended color combinations. Is it the fact that with only 2 touches we can be exactly where we want to be? This is where we see our creations come to life, in the users hands.

Bridging the gap between the interface and the data is the user experience. What data does the user want? Who is the user? What will visually appeal to a user playing World of Warcraft compared to a someone that is a stock trader, is very different. It's our job to research the user, and build a product that will entice them to want to use it over and over again.